Hotels in Cusco, Ecopackers Hostel, Location and Prices

Ecopackers Hostel is a popular hotel in Cusco, this hotel is located in one of the oldest colonial houses in the city, adapted to operate as a lodging establishment.

The main purpose of this place is serve “Backpackers” guests , but the service has nothing to envy the big hotels.

It is located 1 block from the Plaza de Armas, on Santa Teresa Street 375, to know exactly how to get there, click on the image to enlarge.


SUITE: S/. 135.00 or $ 45.00 soles
Doble bed room: S/. Soles or $ 35.00 95.00
4 beds room: S/. Soles or $ 13.50 40.50
6 beds room: S/. Soles or $ 11.50 34.50
8 beds room: S/. Soles or $ 11.00 33.00
8 beds room (women only): S/. Soles or $ 11.50 34.50
10 beds room: S/. Soles or $ 9.50 28.50
18 beds room: S/. Soles or $ 7.50 22.50

For more information visit the website:

Hostal Ecopackers