Hotels in Cusco, Loki Backpackers, Location and Prices

Loki Backpackers Cusco is a very recognized hotel in the city of Cusco, located a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas in the historic heart of the city, the exact address is; Cuesta Santa Ana 601.


Value Dorm S/23 (approx. $8 / €6) 11-13 Beds
Large Dorm S/28 (approx. $10 / €7) 10 Beds
Small Dorm S/30 (approx. $10.5/ €7.5) 4-6 Beds
Small Dorm with private bathroom S/34 (approx. $11.5 / €8.5) 4-6 Beds
Girls only Dorm with private bathroom S/30 (approx. $10.5 / €7.5) 8 Beds
Twin w/bath S/85 (approx. $30 / €21.5) (per room)
Matrimonial with private bathroom S/85 (approx. $30 / €21.5) (per room)
Deluxe Matrimonial with private bathroom & Panoramic Views S/120 (approx. $43 / €30) per room

For more information visit this website:

Loki Backpackers Cusco


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