Hotels in Cusco, Quinua Villa Boutique, Location and Rates

Quinua Villa Boutique Hotel, is located in San Blas, a traditional place in the city, in Pasaje Santa Rosa A-8

This is a place with independent apartments, furnitured and designed thinking in guests’ comfort.

Apartments and Rates in High Season

Pakarina Wasi $ 115.00
Inka  Wasi $ 165.00
Pukara  Wasi $ 165.00
Casa Garcilaso $ 145.00
Taripay  Wasi $ 145.00

Apartments and Rates in Low Season

Pakarina Wasi $ 97.00
Inka  Wasi $ 139.00
Pukara  Wasi $ 139.00
Casa Garcilaso $ 121.00
Taripay  Wasi $ 126.00

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Hotel Quinua Villa Boutique